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May 2019

Why Action is BS

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Everyone wants to be successful, but few actually achieve what they set out to. Why is that?

Commonly, those looking for success have a misconception about what it takes to really succeed. Most people think that they need to keep themselves busy with action, even when it is not moving them in any particular direction.

The truth is, action is BS. Yes, it’s BS.

Think about it. You’re busier now than you’ve ever been in your life, right? Every moment of downtime you’re filling up with activity. But just being busy isn’t going to get you to the life that you want. If you keep filling up your time with ordinary action, in a few years you’ll find that your life hasn’t improved at all and you wasted time and effort toward nothing. You’ll be no closer to success than when you started.

The only way you’ll be truly successful is to take massive and immediate action. Ordinary action is meaningless compared to this dynamic duo. Ordinary action keeps you busy and distracted, but focused, intentional, and aggressive action is essential.

Massive and immediate action (MAIA) is something that is critical to your success. It isn’t something that “might” lead you to success. MAIA is something that will absolutely help you succeed. Ask yourself, “What is critical for me to be successful right this moment?” Don’t answer the question with something that will make you successful in the future. Think about what will make you successful right now.  

After you have your answer, you can’t procrastinate. The “immediate” part of MAIA means you don’t allow your brain a chance to talk you out of what you need to do. You don’t take time to think about it. You can’t put it on a to-do list and do it later.

Your brain is designed to protect you. Your brain thinks change is risky, and you’re better off staying where you are, so it tries to protect you by not allowing you to change. When you start thinking about something should do, it only takes about 4 or 5 seconds until your brain starts coming up with excuses about why you shouldn’t. Your brain is trying to sabotage you!

The “massive part” of MAIA means that you don’t do just do a little bit of what will make you successful. Do ten times the amount of action that you think you really need to do. A little bit of action will never get you where you want to be. You need massive action!

If you want to change your life, remember action is BS. You’re too busy for BS. You don’t need ordinary action. You don’t need to be busy. You need to take massive and immediate action.

Go after what you want personally and in your business. If you take MAIA, there’s no reason you can’t achieve your goals and create the life you really want.

Why To Embrace Difficult Tasks and Stop Wishing They Were Easier

560 315 Aaron Sansoni

Too often, I hear people wish that their lives were easier. They wish they had more money, wish they had a more supportive family, or wish I had more knowledge. Or, a common one: “Why can’t business just be easier?”

Wishing that parts of our lives were easier is a waste of energy, and not effective in actually simplifying our lives. When we are trying to change our lives for the better, we can’t afford to waste energy. We need every ounce of it to dedicate  towards achieving our goals.

We can make wishes all we want, but there are certain things that we just can’t control. If we spend time and energy thinking about things outside of our sphere of influence, we aren’t moving in a positive direction towards the life we want.

You can’t control what people think of you and you can’t control whether or not your family supports your dreams. But, fortunately, you can control yourself.

You can control your attitude towards difficulty. You can control how you deal with hard times. Will you allow yourself to learn and grow through the challenges, or will you sit and complain that you wish life was easier?

Now is the time to stop wishing your life was easier and start wishing you were better. It’s time to quit wishing for handouts and start working towards self-improvement.  

Think about this: If you got your wish and your life was suddenly easier tomorrow, what would that teach you? How could you replicate the changes that were made?

For example, if your goal is weight loss and you woke up thinner tomorrow, what would you have learned about taking care of yourself? You wouldn’t have any new eating habits and you wouldn’t have an improved mindset. And if (or when) you gained the weight back, you wouldn’t have the knowledge to successfully lose it again.

Now imagine that your goal is weight loss and you achieved it with hard work and healthy habits. Wouldn’t you feel so much better about yourself? Plus, you’d have gained the tools to maintain your new lifestyle.

The work is part of the journey. And the journey is necessary so you can become who you’re meant to be.